Transfer Students

Transfer Students

All Ukrainian Universities accept Foreign Transfer Students from other foreign universities. There is a certain procedure of “Equivalency and Certification” of previous education at the ministry of Education of Ukraine.

All Ukrainian universities have 2 semesters in a year. Admission of a transfer students is based on overall academic record and credit hours of previously read subjects.

Transfer Students must produce following original documents upon arrival:

  • Official Academic Transcripts from previously attended universities – Legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of country which issued the certificate/ transcripts and Embassy of Ukraine in the country.
  • School Certificates showing subjects, grades/ marks
  • International Passport (Traveling document)


Office of Absolute Study Abroad submits above listed documents to the Ministry of Education of Ukraine for Equivalency & Certification. Once Ministry of Education approves the qualification, the student is eligible to join the desired top up year. If the documents disapproved the candidate must follow the instructions set by Ministry of Education and join the recommended level of studies.

With our professional assistance 90% students have achieved the desired result.

**Additional charges applied for Equivalency & Certification **

Team Absolute Study Abroad