Airports of Ukraine

Airports of Ukraine

Once an international student has a visa to study at a Ukraine University, there is always a question, “which flight and airlines are most suitable to reach Ukraine?”

Hundreds of International Airlines Fly to different Ukrainian International Airports daily inclusive the following Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, Emirates Airlines, Lufthansa, KLM, Austrian Airline, Air France, LOT, British Airways, Wizz Air, Belavia, Czech Air, Air Baltic, Ryanair and many more.

We recommend taking a flight to the capital of Ukraine- Kyiv if there is no airport at the university location. Thanks to the well-developed transportation infrastructure, one may catch any kind of transport facility at any hour of the day or the night.

There are two International Airports in Kyiv i.e. Boryspil KBP & Zhulyani IEV

International Airports at other locations; Dnipro DNK, Ivano Frankivsk IFO, L’viv LWO, Kharkiv HRK, Kherson KHE, Odesa ODS, Zaporizhia OZH.

As per our vast experience, if a foreign student is flying from West Africa to Kyiv Boryspil Airport or any other International Airport in Ukraine – Turkish Airlines, Emirates, or Qatar Airways are the best options because of their best service, price, and shorter duration of the flight.

Students from East Africa can take a flight with Airline FlyDubai, Turkish Airlines, Emirates, or Qatar Airways.

Students from North Africa can reach Ukraine with any European or any other available Airline with transit through European countries – without a transit visa as it is not required at all. We recommend

Students from Southern African countries fly to Johannesburg or Cape Town and from there start their journey with Turkish Airlines for a comfortable flight. Students from all Southern African countries also have Emirates flights from their airports which also arrive in Ukraine every day. Students flying from Southern African countries do not need a Transit visa if they fly through Europe, so they can pick any suitable/ cheap flight to come and study in Ukraine.

Students from India can arrive with Ukraine International Airlines on a direct flight to Kyiv

Students from Pakistan arrive in Ukraine with Airline FlyDubai, Turkish Airlines, Emirates, or Qatar Airways.

There are several flights arriving from all parts of America, Europe, and other parts of the planet. If you need a consultation to select a flight, we are always available to guide you.

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